Why My Amazon FBA Business Is Better Than Yours

Bragging, Gloating, showboating and cockiness are all things I am not – What I am is honest.

I can honestly tell you, without ever meeting you, that my Amazon FBA business is better than yours.


It is better than yours because I built it around my lifestyle and my needs. I am not saying I make more money than you. I am definitely not saying I sell more inventory than any other seller out there. And I am not saying that I am more successful than you.

All I am saying is that my Amazon FBA business is better than yours – for my life and my needs.

I know people that travel across the country to buy inventory to sell. Although I like to travel, I don’t like being away from my family and therefore I built my business with the intent of staying as local as possible.

I know hundreds of people that scour Craigslist for like new inventory. I am on Craigslist quite a bit, but what I don’t like are people who want to meet me late at night when I have other things to do. It is because of this that I only buy inventory from people who answer me back and can meet during the day.

I have dozens of clothing stores within 5 miles of my house. The nice thing about this is that I can sell clothing on Amazon. This is something that I am able to do that other sellers can’t do because they don’t have the same stores as close to them as I do.

As I said, my Amazon FBA business is better than yours – for my life and my needs.

How To Perfect Your Business For Yourself

Determine What You Can Find

What stores do you have around you? What items are they selling? If you have dozens of thrift stores and very little retail stores, then you might be better off selling used inventory as your main product. Is this a viable business, yes, and it has been for decades. Determine what you can find locally and build your business around that, don’t try to build your business around something that is non-existent.

What Is Profit Like

How much are you making? Can you make more money selling a different item or inside of a different category? Most people don’t realize that there is more profitable items out there because they don’t bother looking. Spend some time and determine which categories are the most profitable in which you are allowed to sell in.

Build Around Your Life

As I said before, my Amazon FBA business is better than yours because I built it around my life. I have 2 kids and a wife who require my attention throughout the day, therefore I built my business around that. I source in many different ways and I do so at certain times of the day. This is my time and I would not be able to do this if I was working for somebody else or had to drive across the country looking for inventory. Do yourself a favor and build your business around the life you want, not the life that you currently have.

Stick To Your Strategy

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me to teach them a strategy that they knew nothing about? Stick to your strategy and stop trying to be successful using somebody else’s strategy because it might not work. For example, I buy a lot of clothing but one of my clients only had 1 retail store within 60 miles of her town. Because of this she had to learn online arbitrage as it was not ideal for her to do retail arbitrage or thrifting.

I just want you to know, I am not cocky and I will never look down on somebody that is doing everything they can to better their lives. On the same note, I will never let somebody tell me my business is not the best business out there, because frankly, it is the best business I could have built that caters to, revolves around, and benefits my entire family and lifestyle. It is also because of this that I will never apologize for my successes and failures and neither should you.

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