Amazon FBA Tools I Use

Starting an Amazon FBA reselling business doesn’t require you to have thousands of dollars in tools, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a couple hundred dollars invested into your future success. Below are most of the tools that I use for my Amazon FBA business and why I recommend them.

Something I want you to understand is that when starting out you can get by with just a smartphone and a computer, but at some point you will need to upgrade to scale your business to the next level.

Amazon FBA Tools I Use

Dymo Label Writer 450 Turbo

If you are serious about making money with Amazon then having your own label writer is a must. I highly recommend the Dymo Label Writer 450 Turbo because it works with almost all software and they are extremely reliable. Dymo is easy to setup and isn’t as expensive as some of the other models. See the Dymo Label Writer 450 Turbo On Amazon.

Motorola Symbol Barcode Scanner

Typing in barcode numbers is a hassle, so why not use a barcode scanner to do the hard work for you? I like the Motorola Symbol barcode scanner as this is the scanner of choice for almost all large retail chains. This barcode scanner is very durable and can read barcodes through plastic and markings. The Motorola Symbol is the best barcode scanner I have ever used. See the Motorola Symbol barcode scanner on Amazon.

Brother Laser Printer

Amazon recommends that you use a laser printer when printing box labels and I highly recommend you do what they say. The best part about a laser printer is that the barcodes and the addresses on the paper will not run and smear. There are many high quality Brother laser printers available, but I recommend a smaller desktop version. See the Brother Laser Printer I recommend on Amazon.

Shipping Scale

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a shipping scale when you can spend less than $40 and get exactly what you need? See why more and more people are choosing the Smart Weight Shipping scale for all heir shipping needs.

Portable Barcode Scanner

Have you seen people with small scanners inside of the stores? This is a great way to speed up your scanning and also preserve the battery on your phone. The scanners will cost a little bit more, but for what they do and how much they benefit you, they are very much worth it. See why I like the Scanfob 2006 and the KDC200i.

Profit Bandit

The reason I recommend Profit Bandit over any other scanning app is because of all the info that it shows on the app. Unlike the Amazon Seller app, Profit Bandit shows multiple sellers and their prices as opposed to only the lowest price.

Neat Receipts

I love using my Neat Receipts scanner to keep all my files neat. Most people put all their receipts into a folder and stick them in a file cabinet. As I purchase thousands of items each month, I don’t have the room and don’t want to deal with the mess that this would create. That is why I recommend the small compact Neat Receipts scanner.

Scotty Peeler

Do you struggle to take the price labels off your inventory? If you ever buy inventory from a thrift store or a clearance rack, then you know that they come with a price label already on them. This is the tool you need to take off the labels. Trust me, you will want a Scotty Peeler set of your own.


When it comes to taking the leftover goo off of a package there is nothing better than Goo-Gone. What I like about Goo-Gone is that it leaves your package with a nice smell afterwards. See which bottle of Goo-Gone I recommend on Amazon.

PolyBags With Suffocation Warning

Polybags are essential to anybody that sells bundles or multipacks on Amazon. These are also required if you sell any clothing, liquids, plush toys, and toys with loose parts. I suggest buying a set of polybags as this will cover almost every scenario. See the polybags that I recommend on Amazon.

This Is A Set Label

If you plan on selling anything as a set, then you will need “This Is A Set” labels. You place these on packages that have multiple items in them so that Amazon does not split up your item. See the “This Is A Set” labels I recommend on Amazon.

3 Inch Shipping Tape

Most people would say that they have some great shipping tape, but I can assure you it is not the best. I recommend using 3 inch shipping tape as it closes up the box better and keeps all your inventory sealed nice and tight. Don’t mess with the small cheap tape, pay a little extra and ensure that all your inventory is safe. See which 3 inch shipping tape I recommend.

Inventory Lab

When it comes to listing items on Amazon and keeping track of all your profit margins, Inventory Lab is the go to software for this. Inventory Lab has create a piece of software that is so easy to use that everybody should have it. See for yourself with this 30 day Free Trial.

Bqool Repricing Software

I didn’t realize how much I was changing the prices on my inventory until I started using a repricing software. I have tried many different repricers in the past and Bqool is my favorite thus far. Not only will it lower my prices to keep me competitive with other sellers, it will also increase my price to help me get more for each item. It really is a must have tool. Checkout Bqool repricing software today.


OAXray is a tool that I use to find quality and profitable items online. Online arbitrage is a huge factor in my business as it equates to roughly 30% of all my income. With this tool I am able to find profitable items online in minutes rather than hours. Check it out for yourself and get a 6 Day Free Trial.

Godaddy Bookkeeping

Godaddy Bookkeeping is a tool that I use to keep my records straight. Godaddy Bookkeeping is integrated with my Amazon selling account to ensure that all payments I receive are accounted for and any fees that I have to pay are subtracted from my overall profit. This is a key tool to my business each quarter and at the end of each year. Come tax time, this is a tool that you will be glad you paid for.

These are the tools that I am currently using and love. Don’t only pay yourself for running your business, invest in yourself by purchasing the right tools and the best software.