How To Become Rich – 5 Reasons You Will Always Be Poor

So many people want to know how to become rich, but the answer is not always as simple as you might think. What most people don’t realize is they have the poor person’s mentality. That is not your fault either, this is how everybody is raised.

We are all raised to think of high school as a building block for college. Once we are in college we are told we need to get good grades and focus on finding a job right out of school. This sounds fine and dandy, but is this the best way to make a good living and become rich?

In my opinion. No!

Everybody needs high school to get all the basics into their system, but college is not for everybody. Check out this video below where I reveal that I actually dropped out of college due to the fact that what I was going to school for wasn’t going to greatly improve my chances of making more money.

So, let me explain a little bit about what was inside the video and how it works.

First, I explain how a poor person, or technically average people would take $100 if given to them. A rich or very wealthy individual would probably take the $1 per day income generating website. Why do people take different options?

Simple. Average people would take the $100 because they think in terms of now. They rationalize their decisions through short term thinking. This is not a problem as this is how we were brought up to think. The only issue that I have with this thinking is that you will never become rich by thinking this way.

A rich person would think very differently. They think in terms of long term results. With a $1 per day income generating website a rich person would look at that as leveraging time to make their money. This is exactly how I look at things. I look at money as a stepping stone to my next goal, not a monetary value. Why do I do this? I look at money this way because money buys me what nothing else can, time and freedom. By already earning $1 per day I am able to spend my time working on other businesses, which is what I like to do. Not to mention, after 100 days I would then go back to that website, make some adjustments, add more content, build additional backlinks, and use the “Now” profit to build that $1 into $10 or even $100 per day.

Ok, so enough about the video, let’s talk about 5 reasons you will always be poor.

5 Reasons You Will Always Be Poor

Can’t Afford To Fail

The biggest reasons so many people are poor is because they can’t afford to fail. What I mean by this is they have hardly any money coming in, they live paycheck to paycheck, they can’t afford to save a few dollars here and there, they just can’t afford to fail. If you can never afford to fail then you will never see yourself succeed in life. Everybody needs to fail at least once in their life because until you fail you will never know what success feels like.

Look At Risk As Scary

How do you think of risk? Do you think all risk is created equal? I can tell you with absolute certainty that risk is not all the same. Some risk is different than others. I urge you not to think of risk as scary, sometimes the reward will greatly outweigh the risk, which is a great time to get into that deal. Just remember, that risk is sometimes a good thing as long as it is a calculated risk and you can afford to wait for your money.

Save Money

Are you saving money? If so, then you might be making a big mistake. I am not saying you should not save money, what I am saying is that it is better to invest that money and turn it into more money. The more you can reinvest your money the more it will grow. Saving money will usually get you around 3-6%, but investing your money could get you 10-20% as long as you are invested into the right deals.

Work For Somebody Else

If you are working for somebody else, then you are exchanging your time for money. This is a bad thing if you want to become rich. Rich people don’t exchange their time for money, instead they exchange money for results. Why do rich people do this? Rich people are paid by results because results equals money. The more results you can achieve the more money they will get paid. This is why working for somebody else is just making them money while you still earn the same amount no matter what.

Surround Yourself With Poor People

If you surround yourself with people who think like the average person then I bet you will be average. The reason I say this is because average people use money as a way to make them feel better. Rich people will go years without spending their money just to make sure they have it there for a future plan. Surround yourself with people who have the right mindset because their mindset will rub off onto you at some point.

Not being extremely rich is not a bad thing, but I want to make sure you know there is always another life that you could be living. If you are currently extremely rich, then just know that you could be poor. If you are not as well off, then you are just a few simple changes away from your path to riches.

Trust me, rich people have their problems too. So on your path to riches make sure you take in all that you can because once you are make it there is nobody there to teach you how to manage your money as well as you pulling from your past experiences.

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