Books I Read

Many people ask me, “How did you learn that?” and so I tell them, I read it!

Yes, I read and I read a lot. I may not always be reading an actual book, sometimes I read an Ebook and other times I will listen to an audiobook of a book that I have read. Why? I like to learn as much as possible and reading helps me do that.

Below are some of the books I like to read. As you probably already noticed, I said books I read because I read these over and over. Sometimes I skim through the books to find that one gem of information, but these I read front to back.

The Power Of Broke – Daymond John

How To Have A Good Day – Caroline Webb

Superbosses – Sydney Finklestien

Will It Fly – Pat Flynn

Managing Oneself – Peter Drucker

The Creators Code – Amy Wilkinson

Right now these are the books I am reading. I love each one of these for different reasons, but they all help me think, adapt, and achieve different variations of success. Don’t just take my word for it, check some of these books out for yourself.