Why Ditch The 9-5

Are you working 9-5 Monday thru Friday? Are you tired of working the same schedule week after week? Do you want to ditch the 9-5?

If you still have a 9-5 job then let me share my thoughts on why you should ditch the 9-5 and opt to be self-employed, living the lifestyle that you deserve to live, and be wealthy beyond your wildest imagination.

Before we get into that I first want to explain something to you.

My Definition of Wealth

Wealth is being able to do whatever it is that you want to do, whenever you feel like it. This means that you have a wealth of money, wealth of time, and wealth of freedom.

Now, are you wealthy?

There is more to life than making billions of dollars. Besides, what would you do with more money than you could ever spend? Think about it, why do you go to work? It is to pay for the roof over your head, buy nice things, put food on the table, give your family everything they want and need, and be able to take a vacation once in a while, right? All of these things are great, but this is also the problem with working a 9-5 job. Even if you had the money saved up, could you just leave at a moments notice and go on a lavish vacation? No.

Here are some reasons that I highly recommend you ditch the 9-5 day job.

Why Ditch The 9-5

More Money

When you work a regular job you are given a salary or hourly wage. What this means is that your income will never go up unless you work more hours or are given an increase in pay. What this means is that you don’t control the amount of money that you will make. If you want to make more money, then working for yourself is a must. Being self-employed will give you the ability to earn more money and actually control how the money is disbursed.

More Freedom

One of the reasons I ditched my 9-5 job long ago was to get my time back. I was tired or exchanging time for money. I would rather work smarter and harder, than longer. If you want more freedom, then having your own business is a must. The beauty of running your own business is that the more time you devote to your business in the beginning usually means you will get more freedom later on. I am not going to go into extreme detail here, but you can read more about how to manage time and increase efficiency on my other articles.

More Power

I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t like the power that comes with running your own business. As a business owner you make all the calls. It is up to you to decide the direction of the company. It is up to you decide if you work on holidays or not. It is up to you to decide what employees get paid. If you didn’t realize this yet, you hold the power to the business. If you like power, which I do, then ditching the 9-5 is a great choice for you.

Now that you know why you should ditch the 9-5 job, let me tell you who should not ditch their job.

No Time

If you lack time, then starting something new is almost 100% out of the question. So many people want to start a business, but they don’t realize that starting a business, running the business, and still worrying about all your other troubles is not going to give you more time, it gives you less free time. It is because of this that people with little to no time in their day should not try to get rid of their 9-5 job and start a new business. Trust me, time is one thing that you need when starting any type of business.

No Savings

Ok, so maybe you have time, but do you have any money saved up? Yes, then you are on the right track. No, then you need money to hold you over from making terrible decisions. What you probably don’t anticipate right now is that you will have issues along the way, the money won’t roll in as quick as you expect and need it to, and you will be working for nothing for a while. So many people make business seem easy, when in reality it isn’t easy and it can ruin you. Without any money saved up you will find yourself making bad decisions to try to get money fast, instead of making wise decisions in order to build your business properly.

No Support

I purposely left this for last because it is one of the most important reasons why you should not ditch your 9-5 job. If you don’t have any support then it will be almost impossible to make a business work. It is not 100% impossible, but fairly close. The reason I say this is because without support you won’t have somebody to bounce ideas off of, help take the stress of running the business, or help pay bills when you just don’t have the money. A support system is a must, whether it is your spouse, parent, sibling, or friend, you need the support to make the transition manageable.

If any of these three things pertain to you, then you are probably not ready to ditch your day job just yet. The reason I say this is because you need a lot of time to put into your new business venture. You will also need some savings to help you through those first couple months, and without the proper support you will see every task as an uphill battle. It is because of this that some people just are not ready to become the boss just yet.

One last piece of advice that I want to leave you with before you make the decision to leave or stick with your job is that you must have a plan. Planning is the key to all things successful, so don’t skip this step. Your plan doesn’t have to be 500 pages long and contain every aspect of your business, but it should contain all the most important details of what you do and how it will be done. The better the plan is, the easier the plan will be to follow.

Before you leave I want to ask you one question – What is the biggest reason why you don’t want to leave or didn’t want to leave your 9-5 job?

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