How Successful People Think

Over the past 10 years I have been lucky enough to learn how successful people think and I want to share that with you. Not everybody throughout my life has been a positive influence on me, but when I made the decision to surround myself with like minded (successful) people, then everything started to come together.

If you don’t surround yourself with like minded/successful people, then I highly recommend you start to do so. Now, these people are not going to change you overnight, but their insights, wisdom, and past experiences will make a huge different on your life and business.

So, before I bore you with my past let’s talk about how successful people think.

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How Successful People Think

Focus On Your Priority

If there is something that is more important to you and your business, that that needs to become your main priority. Why spend half your time on your priorities and the other half of your time on the things that are not so important? It doesn’t make any sense. Successful people don’t spend much time on the things that are not important to them, those are things they hand off to somebody else to complete. Trust me, focusing on what is most important to you will dramatically change the way you live your life.

Have A Clear Cut To-Do List

Did you know that successful people don’t have a to-do list that is pages long? When a successful person creates a to-do list it is normally very clear and only contains a few things on it. These things could be very simple, but the less you have on a to-do list the more you will get done.

I know this sounds obvious, but let me explain why this works. When there are 10 items on a to-do list most people will look at that list and think that there is no way they will ever get that done, so they don’t even try. When there are only 4 things on that list, but it actually takes longer than those 10 things, then those 4 things will get done because the human brain thinks it is less work. Do you see now why it works to have a clear-cut to-do list?

Follow Through

I don’t care if you know you will fail, you still need to see every project all the way through. Yes, you may be wasting your time by doing this, but how do you know that you for sure failed? Did you know that Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple thought that he failed in the early stages? What do you think would have happened if Steve Jobs didn’t follow through and see where his idea would take him? First of all, you would not be reading this because I am writing this on my Apple Macbook.

You never know if your failures are truly failures until you get to the end of the road, but if you quit before you get there then you will never know. Trust me, follow through with any idea you have because it is the follow through that will teach you what you don’t already know.

Go All-In

Do you have a local business? Do you have an online business? Whatever business you have doesn’t matter, you should go all-in every time. When I say go all-in I am talking about putting all the time and energy you have into making sure your business/idea is going to work. If you are not committed to making sure your business/idea has the attention it needs, then why even start?

Learn From Failures

Successful people look at bad situations and pick them apart. For example, when a successful person fails they don’t spend much time on the overall failure aspect, they dig down and dissect their choices. It is the choices that we make on a daily basis that will make us different. When a successful person fails it is because of one of their choices, but which one? If you learn one thing from this article I want it to be that we have the power to change the outcome of our actions, but you can only do that if you have learned why you failed and then get the courage to start all over again.

Being a successful person doesn’t mean you are always successful. What it means is that the majority of times you are successful. What most people don’t see is all the time and effort successful people put in. Take Stephan Curry the point guard for the Golden State Warriors for example, do you think he was just born to shoot like he does, No, he spends countless hours inside the gym shooting and perfecting his craft. Success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of long hours to achieve.

If you want to be successful then you must know how successful people think and emulate their every move.

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