Are You Making A Crucial Online Business Mistake

Do you work 4 hours per week? Do you spend most of your time sleeping and living the “Good life”?

Let me be honest with you for a minute, no highly successful person got to where they are by only working 4 hours per week. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg all work more than 4 hours per week.

One of the biggest mistakes online entrepreneurs make is they don’t work enough. Don’t sit back and think about how great your life is, take the next step to make it perfect. Yes, you will need to take some days off, but don’t take more days off than you work.

Something I learned very early on is that the time you spend working late at night and early in the morning is the time when you are creating distance between you and the next best. It doesn’t matter if you are an internet marketer or a fitness guru, time spent hustling is what makes them great.

Here are a few tips that I have for anybody that wants to be successful and wants to avoid making the one crucial online business mistake.

Tips To Be More Successful

Spend More Time Learning

How many books do you read per year? Do you spend time watching Youtube videos that teach you something or spend time on Facebook looking at other people’s pictures? By reading books and watching informational videos you will start to get ahead in life. Not only are these two things good to expand your mind, they give you knowledge. Knowledge is the only long term key to success.

Find Yourself A Mentor

Do you bounce your ideas off of somebody that you look up to? Do you spend an hour a week talking with somebody that has been in your shoes? Finding a mentor is a must in business and in life. Take a little bit of time out of your day to reach out to people that you admire and want to emulate their life.

Wake Up At 4:30

Studies have shown that people who wake up earlier tend to get more accomplished throughout the day and also have more success. Why is this? Probably because most people are still sleeping until 6 or 7 am, which means you will get 1.5 or 2.5 hours of work completed before you are ever bothered. Also, waking up early on a consistent basis creates a quality habit for your life.

Get 8 Hours Of Sleep

The more sleep you get at night will provide you with the brain power that you need throughout the day. Sitting on the couch resting and lying in bed watching television are not good ways to get some sleep. You actually need to lay down and close your eyes. Your body needs enough sleep to function at it’s maximum efficiency.


Exercising is very important to staying healthy. As an online business owner I spend a lot of time sitting down, looking at a computer screen, and doing very little physical activity. It is because of this that I usually wake up at 4:30 and get my workout in for the day. Trust me, it will be difficult at first but once you get used to working out at a certain time each day you will find that it because an important part of your life.

Avoid Distractions

Something my wife hated when I started getting really busy with my online business was when I would ignore her phone calls. I would do this constantly when I was busy with another task. Why? Not because I didn’t want to talk to my wife, but because I already had something I was doing and I was not going to stop until it was complete.

Another thing that I did to avoid distractions was I would lock my office door and not let anybody in. This became a problem when I had employees that needed inside, but they understood what was going on. I was so busy working and tuned into what I was doing that nothing else matter. When it comes to avoiding distractions you need to avoid all of them not just some.

Take Accountability

Did you know that some of the most successful people in the entire world were also the ones who are blamed for everything? Successful people don’t just take credit for the successes that they are part of, they also take accountability for the failures as well. If you can’t take accountability for everything that goes wrong, then you are never going to be successful. Think about anything that has gone wrong lately and determine what part in that task you failed at. Trust me, if you knew about the failure then you had something to do with it.


Being able to adapt is one of the most important parts to business. When the economy changes you need to change with it. When your customer base dries up, you need to find new customers. When Google decides to drop your site from all their 1st page positions, you must adapt and find a new traffic source. Take a few minutes every day and figure out if you need to adapt to recent changes or keep moving forward.

Being successful is not always about being better than the next person, it is about being the best version of yourself as possible. Now, I know that running a business can be difficult at times, but if it wasn’t then everybody would have one. Keep your head up and keep pushing forward because the second you doubt the business and what you are accomplishing is the second your business fails.

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