Why Most Website Owners Fail To Deliver Quality Content

No views, little engagement, no repeat readers.

Is this what you are getting from your website? If it is then you are doing something seriously wrong and you need to change that now. Most website owners fail to deliver quality content, but the truth is that not all their content is bad. Honestly, some websites I have seen have great content, but they are just in it to make money. If the business is flawed in the first place, then the content won’t be any good that follows.

Below I want to share with you why most website owners fail to deliver quality content and how you can improve on this. Don’t think of your website as the perfect site, look at it from the eyes of your audience and pick it apart little by little. I guarantee that if you are picky about what you put on your site, then you will start to see some incredible growth very quickly.

Why Most Website Owners Fail To Deliver Quality Content

No Clear Direction

Every article you write should have a benefit to the reader. If there is not benefit, then reevaluate what your message is and write again. So many website owners fail to deliver quality content because they have no clear direction. Website owners tend to write without a plan in place. I have done this before and the results are terrible. Write with a purpose in mind. Make sure your audience knows exactly what you are trying to tell them. If you need to create multiple outlines in order to get your article concise and to the point, then do so. Don’t skip this step because losing your sense of direction inside of an article is just going to lose your audience and make them go read somebody else’s work.

Skip Important Information

I have done this too many times in the past and I can tell you from first hand experience that it is not good. The reason I would skip important information is so that the readers would click to another article, buy an item, or hire me as a consultant. Now, when you skip important information you tend to only deliver half of the content. What this means is that your readers spends their valuable time on your site just to be snubbed in the end. Don’t skip important information, give the reader everything that they need to do what you promised them in the title and in the first paragraph of the article.

Sell Instead Of Educate

It took me about 4 years to realize how valuable this piece of advice is, so please don’t forget about it. Selling instead of educating is a terrible way to build up your reputation and increase engagement. What I strongly recommend is that if you really want to make money from your website then try to do it on a very limited basis. One of the things that I do is provide simple text links inside my blog posts and if the reader buys something then I make money that way. If the reader never clicks on one of my affiliate links, then no big deal. My whole goal now is to educate my audience and hopefully by doing so they will be likely to buy the products that I recommend to them. Trust me, selling instead of educating will not get you the consistent website traffic that you are looking for.

Don’t Know Their Audience

Who reads your blog? How old are they? Do they come back day after day or are they mostly first time readers? If you don’t know your audience then you will have a tough time catering to them. How do you know what articles to write at first? How can you create content that people want to come back to? Make sure you know who is reading your content so that you are not just hoping that your target audience is actually interesting in what you have to say. Something that you should use on every website you own is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool that you can use to give you more information about the people reading your content. I’m not going to get into how Google Analytics works, but just know that it is a great piece of software to use.

Make Every Article The Same

I have been blogging for over 10 years, so I do have a simple style that I like to stick with. Even though I stick to this style, I make it a priority to mix things up from time to time. If I were to write every article using the same style and layout then my audience would get bored. Readers like variety, so mixing things up from time to time is a great way to go about providing that. One thing I do suggest is that you stick to your topic and change the layout and style, don’t keep the layout and style and completely change your websites topic, this never works.

As you can see, all of these things can be easily changed. Where most website owners make their biggest mistake is they think that they have the best quality content, most user friendly theme, and great mix between sales pitches and educational articles. Don’t think your content is always top-notch, there is always room for improvements.

Before you go I want to as you one thing – What are some of the mistakes you have made or have seen other website owners make in regards to their content?

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