How I Went From $10 An Hour To $100+ In Less Than 1 Year

No I am not an athlete, actor, attorney, and definitely not a surgeon. I am smart with my time. I value my time just like an athlete, actor, attorney, and surgeon would do. I learned very early on in business that my time is more valuable than I ever thought it was.

Why is my time so valuable?

My time is valuable because I know how much I can be making. With that said, why should I spend countless hours making phone calls and answering emails when I could pay others to do that for me? Why not spend more of my time doing the things that are the core of my business and make the most money?

This is where I decided that making $10 an hour as a Macy’s sales associate was not worth my time. I created my first online business and never looked back. At first I was writing articles for other webmasters, then I went on to create websites myself. At first I was not making the kind of money that I wanted, but I knew it was just a matter of time.

So, what was the big change – I learned about virtual assistants.

I am not going to go on and on about how much a virtual assistant can do for you because I really don’t know what they could do for you. I do however know what they do for me and how it benefits me.

What My Virtual Assistants Do

Write Website Content

One of the tasks that I have been using virtual assistants for is website copy. I don’t mind writing, but I don’t enjoy it as much as other tasks, which is why I like to have virtual assistants/copywriters write everything for me. Now, is this written by a copywriter, no, but if I wanted it to be I could.

Create And Edit Youtube Videos

If you follow my main Youtube Channel (Homemade Entrepreneur) then you have never seen an edited video by my team. Why? Mainly because I feel that you like to see raw footage as opposed to videos that have more editing done to them than actual content. However, I have multiple channels and hundreds of videos on a wide variety of topics, all of which have to be created and edited by somebody.

Manage Social Media Accounts

I like messing around on social media as I learn a lot about people, but the time on there is pretty much a waste. I may learn about people, but that doesn’t do much for my overall business. It is because of this that I have one of my virtual assistants manage the majority of my social media accounts.

Source Online Inventory

Within the past 2 years this is probably the biggest and most profitable task I have outsourced. My virtual assistants will scour the internet looking for inventory that I can buy and sell for a profit on Amazon. I could do this myself, but instead I like to have multiple VA’s do this as they can find more inventory as there are more of them than there are of me.

Market New Products

Something that I like to do is create new products. Whether that is digital products or not, I create multiple new products all the time. As I don’t have time to market new products and stay up to date with everything, I pay a virtual assistant to do that for me. What is my role in the entire process, I come up with the idea, oversee everything, manage employees, and dictate the overall direction of the products.

So this is a very brief overview of what my virtual assistants do for me. Yes, there is much more than just this, which is the reason I have multiple virtual assistants. If you want to take your business, whatever it is you do, from $10 to $100+ per hour, then delegating tasks is essential. Will you be rich tomorrow, probably not, but you will be setting yourself up for future success with the moves you make today.

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  1. Congratulations on your new website. There’s no “homemade” about this professional looking site – no spelling mistakes, typo’s, errors of omissions, poor grammar, etc. (I don’t know why these things bother me, but they do). Great content. Your opening really grabbed my attention, and hooked me into reading every article. And finally, I loved the uncluttered, clean look. Found the site easy to navigate, even on my Kindle Fire. Job well done! Bookmarked it, and look forward to returning, often.

  2. Hey Adam,
    Thanks for your great YouTube channel and sharing your ideas. I like your raw video format too. You inspire me to get off my butt and make things happen!
    Cheers Warren

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